The Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority (“NNCEA”) is seeking bids for the cleaning of 28 residential furnaces (the “Project”). The Project includes the maintenance and cleaning of 28 residential furnaces including the duct work, motors, and surrounding area of the furnace. The Project must be completed by March 31, 2021, unless an extension is agreed upon in advance by NNCEA and the successful bidder. Given requirements set by the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (“NCN”), the successful bidder will be required to submit a mitigation/safety plan that addressees the safety, health and welfare of NCN, as it relates to the Project. The Project contains, among other things, the following requirements:

  • Clean all duct work in each unit (varies on size of unit)
  • Clean motor/blower of each furnace and lubricate motor if necessary
  • Remove all dust and other debris in furnace area
  • Clean all air registers
  • Supply and install 28 furnace filters
  • Dispose of old furnace filters
  • Provide evidence of compliance with workers’ compensation legislation;
  • Obtain liability insurance in a form deemed suitable by NNCEA;
  • Only licensed and qualified contractors and companies will be permitted to undertake the work required for the Project; and
  • Obtain, at its own cost, all necessary permits if required

Contract stipulations, including responsibilities and liabilities of the parties, payment schedule and scope of work are available for review by all bidders at the Alice Moore Education Centre or via email by contacting nicc@nncea.ca

Bids will be accepted by Nic Campbell via email at nicc@nncea.ca or in person submitted to the Alice Moore Education Centre in an envelope prior to the submission date set out below.

Submission deadline: January 25, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Bids cannot be withdrawn after 15 days from the submission date.

Submissions after the submission date will not be accepted. To modify a bid prior to the submission date, please contact Nic Campbell at nicc@nncea.ca or 204-484-2095.

All or lowest bids not necessarily accepted, if there are no bids that meet the needs of NNCEA, the Project may be re-tendered or terminated. Selection criteria is based on price, experience, and compliance with NNCEA requirements set out above.


Contractor Responsibilities and Liabilities

  • The Contractor is responsible to perform the work in a good and workmanlike manner and to correct any defective work or work not performed as provided for by NNCEA, at its request.
  • The Contractor is responsible for obtaining and paying for any required permits, licenses or certificates necessary for the performance of the work (National Building Codes of Canada or Provincial Construction Regulations).
  • The Contractor is responsible for obtaining liability insurance in a form deemed suitable by NNCEA.
  • The Contractor shall provide evidence of compliance with workers’ compensation legislation including payments due thereunder, if applicable.
  • The Contractor is liable for the actions of all of its employees or sub-contractors that are engaged to perform work in relation to the Project.
  • The Contractor is responsible for the safety of all persons it permits on the site during the duration of the Project.
  • The Contractor is responsible for obtaining and paying for all tools and equipment, including safety equipment, it requires in relation to the Project.
  • The Contractor is responsible to inform the NNCEA Assistant Director of Education of any unsafe health hazards or conditions that may arise throughout the course of the Project.
  • Any additional work that may be required by the Contractor will be negotiated between the Contractor and NNCEA. Any additional work should not commence until approved by NNCEA in writing.
  • The Contractor shall provide the required notices and comply with the laws, rules, regulations, and codes which are or become in force during the Project and which relate to the Contractor’s word, to the preservation of the public health and construction safety.

Responsibilities of NNCEA

  • Provide Contractor with access to the Project site during hours requested by the Contractor.
  • Communicate with the Contractor about any on-going needs and status updates.
  • NNCEA shall be responsible for the payment of unforeseen, reasonable expenses affiliated with the Project as long as the Contractor and NNCEA agree in writing to any additional costs.
  • NNCEA will not to be liable for any damages sustained by the Contractor in the course of work it undertakes in relation to the Project.

Schedule and Payment Schedule

  • NNCEA will negotiate with the Contractor a schedule for the completion of the Project, with an end date of March 31, 2021, unless a later date is agreed upon by the parties.
  • NNCEA will negotiate with the Contractor a fair payment schedule to reflect the work being done (this may include a 25%, 50%, 25% payment schedule).
  • All payments will be subject to legislation and statutory regulations respecting holdback percentages (7.5% total, 2.5% per payment and payable upon final inspection)

Scope of Work

  • Selected contractor is to acquire and install new furnace filters and dispose of old ones
  • Selected contractor is to remove all air registers to be cleaned and to thoroughly clean each air duct
  • Selected contractor is to clean all mechanical components of the furnace and lubricate if needed to ensure longevity of the furnace (motor/blower)
  • Contractor is to ensure that each unit’s furnace is complete on the same day the cleaning begins
  • The contractor is to provide all needed materials such as commercial grade vacuums
  • The contractor is responsible to provide all tools and required resources to remove, dispose, and install all water tanks
  • The contractor is responsible for ensuring that each furnace is in good working order once this job is complete
  • The contractor is responsible for ensuring there are no health and safety hazards to and around each furnace
  • Contractor responsible for acquiring at their own cost any permits and providing copies
  • The contractor is responsible for ensuring that the work area is left how it was when the job begins, and any debris is removed and cleaned
  • The contractor and NNCEA will create a timeline for completion prior to accepting a bid which must be adhered to
  • Contractor to ensure the Project site is left as it was found, is clean and any debris is removed.

Please contact Nic Campbell if you require additional information at 204-484-2095 or 519-330-4707 or by email at nicc@nncea.ca