The Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority (“NNCEA”) is seeking bids for the removal and rebuilding of an exterior deck for our Board Office known as AMEC (the “Project”). The Project includes the removal of the current deck and installation of new 16’ by 20’ deck. The Project must be completed by October 25, 2021 unless an extension is agreed upon in advance by NNCEA and the successful bidder. Given requirements set by the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (“NCN”), the successful bidder will be required to submit a mitigation/safety plan that addressees the safety, health and welfare of NCN, as it relates to the Project. The Project contains, among other things, the following requirements:

  • Remove and dispose of current deck
  • Build a 16’ by 20’ deck using pressure treated wood (total area)
  • Deck height is approx. 1 foot from the lowest point (gravel) and ½ foot on the concrete foundation (will remain)
  • Build railings approx. 15’ by 8’ around perimeter of far side (opposite of wall)
  • Build bench around semi-circle wall, mounted to deck (not wall) and benches around railing perimeter, approx. length is 7’ and 17’ total 24’
  • Obtain, at its own cost, all necessary permits if applicable

Contract stipulations, including responsibilities and liabilities of the parties, payment schedule and scope of work are available for review by all bidders at the Alice Moore Education Centre or via email by contacting nicc@nncea.ca

Bids will be accepted by Nic Campbell via email at nicc@nncea.ca or in person submitted to the Alice Moore Education Centre in an envelope prior to the submission date set out below.

Submission date: September 16 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Bids cannot be withdrawn after 15 days of the submission date.

Submissions after the submission date will not be accepted. To modify a bid prior to the submission date, please contact Nic Campbell at nicc@nncea.ca or 204-484-2095.

All or lowest bids not necessarily accepted, if there are no bids that meet the needs of NNCEA, the Project may be re-tendered or terminated. Selection criteria is based on price, experience, and compliance with NNCEA requirements set out above. Please note due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and restrictions email submissions will be accepted but will not be viewed nor printed until after the deadline.

Please contact Nic Campbell if you require additional information at 204-484-2095 or 519-330-4707 or by email at nicc@nncea.ca

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