The primary function of the School Safety Personnel “SSP” is to ensure the safety and harmony of our schools. The School Safety Personnel team will monitor activity within the school hallways and all entrances throughout the day. The SSP team will conduct regular walk throughs of the interior and exterior of the schools. The SSP team will report to school administration of any safety concerns, or any student behaviour reports. The SSP team will be responsible for assisting with maintaining control of the hallways regarding student foot traffic, monitor and enforce smoking sections, monitor, and ensure all doors are locked, monitor and report incidents. The SSP team will be responsible for completing and compiling any necessary incident reports to be provided to school administration. The SSP team will complete a daily log of occurrences and activities within the school

Hours of work: 8:15AM to 4:15pm daily with a 1-hour staggered lunch

Supervisors: The School Safety Personnel team will report to their respective school administration.

Equipment: The School Safety Personnel team will be provided with walkie-talkies, safety vests, and logbooks.

Benefits and Pension: The SSP team employees will become a part of the NNCEA pension and benefits package

High School Diploma $15.00 $15.50 $16.00 $16.50
First Nations Safety Officer Course $17.00 $17.50 $18.00 $18.50
Security Guard License $17.00 $17.50 $18.00 $18.50

NNCEA is currently accepting applications for 4 School Safety Personnel who will be placed at either OK school or NNOC (2 each). Job descriptions as well roles and responsibilities can be obtained from the Alice Moore Education Centre bulletin board or through email request to

All interested applicants can submit a cover letter and resume and any applicable qualifications and certificates to or in person at the Alice Moore Education Centre

Deadline: Friday March 25, 2022 at 12:00pm
Orientation Start Date: Orientation April 1, 2022 (2 hours)
Official Start Date: April 4, 2022

If you require any additional information, please contact Nic Campbell at or 519-330-4707