Tansi Nitotimak!

In October 2023, NCN Chief and Council, staff and management welcomed Joyce Yetman and Leonard Linklater to the Co-Chief Executive Officers positions, Derek Hart as Associate Co-CEO and Candace Dumas as Assistant to Co-CEOs.

Joyce was formerly Director of the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Trust Office prior to starting her new role. Leonard was director of operations for the Nation. The two Co-CEOs hires will be part of the team with Derek Hart, Associate Co-CEO; and Candace Dumas, Assistant to Co-CEOs.

Candace was formally the Communications Manager for the NCN Family and Community Wellness Centre.

Derek Hart will split his time between working in NCN every two weeks and Winnipeg (sub office) for the following two weeks.

The team’s duties will be to communicate directly with Chief and Council, management team and Council Secretariat, NCN staff and managers of internal NCN departments regarding programs and initiatives. They will manage calendars of activities, expense reporting, prepare correspondence, travel plans, and manage itineraries/agendas. Other tasks include coordination and preparation of all communications, meetings, notices, letters, meeting minutes, and briefing notes with Chief and Council.

We hope everyone will welcome and greet the team members with cooperation and courtesy as we build toward a bright future for our Nehetho Nation!

Welcome and congratulations Leonard, Derek, Candace and Joyce!

Kininaskomitin! Kisahkihitin!

~ Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Chief and Council