QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – Bulletin No. 6

This bulletin is intended to provide updated information on the full community lockdown due to the positive COVID-19 case in the community.


  1. Q. What is the Command Centre?
    A. The Command Centre consists of EMS, Public Health, FNSO, Community Patrol,  and Administrative Staff. They will co-ordinate all issues during the lockdown and redirect calls to the appropriate people to respond to the call.
  2. Q. How do I reach someone at the Command Centre?
    A. If you have questions you can call the Command Centre at 204-484-2135. Your questions will be recorded and action taken by the Command Centre staff or our other employees.
  3. Q. Does the Command Centre decide if I can be let through a checkpoint?
    A. Yes.  All checkpoints are equipped with radios and will be in regular contact with the Command Centre.
  4. Q. What happens if all our senior administration staff, health staff and all of Chief and Council get sick?
    A. Hopefully everyone will not get sick or if they do, they will also have to self isolate and be monitored. A back-up team will take over if necessary.  We hope this will not happen if we all work together as this will help keep everyone safe.  Chief and Council will continue functioning and operate from home. Someone will be designated to coordinate the actions and decisions of Chief and Council.
  5. Q. If I am an Essential Worker, where do I get PPE?
    A. By calling the Public Health Department at 204-484-2341 and making an appointment or leave a message and a representative will get back to you.


  1. Q. What time is curfew?
    A. 7:00 pm to 8:00 am.  Regardless, there is a MANDATORY stay at home order in place and people can only leave their houses to go shopping if they have been given a Yellow Pass or if they have a medical appointment verified by the Nurse in Charge.
  2. Q. Who do I call for assistance or if I need something after curfew?
    A. Please call the Command Centre at 204-484-2135 for any assistance.


  1. Q. Will the shopping passes be dropped off at each household?
    A. Yes.  Each person who receives a cheque will be required to sign an Authorization and Release for the cheque to be cashed by the head of the household so that supplies can be purchased.
  2. Q. Where do I get a permit to go to the store?
    A. They are being dropped off at each house.
  3. Q. Can someone else shop for me?
    A. The head of each household will be given a pass to do the shopping for that household at a specific date and time.  Each person given a pass will be allowed to shop for 1 ½ hours only.
  4. Q. How often can I use my shopping pass?
    A. This will be determined on a weekly basis as it will depend on whether there are more active COVID-19 cases in the community or whether the full lockdown restrictions can be eased back to a partial lockdown. Passes CANNOT be used to go shop everyday.  Each area of the community must stick to the schedule to be fair to everyone and to the employees who are putting in long hours.  If you are desperately in need of something you forgot to have purchased, please call the Command Centre at 204-484-2135.
  5. Q. How many people are allowed per vehicle?
    A. No-one is to travel with anyone from outside their household and only one person from each household is allowed to go shopping.  Everyone else is under a MANDATORY STAY AT HOME ORDER.
  6. Q. Who will deliver my groceries if I go shopping as I don’t have a vehicle?
    A. For store delivery of groceries call Malcolm Hunter 204-939-4042 or Mervin Bonner 204-670-4895.  Elders and persons with disabilities please call Eddy & Melfina Primrose at 204-679-4248.The Thompson Family Food list will be dropped off at Elders’ houses but if you want someone else to shop for you, please assign a family member to get a Yellow shopping pass and that person can also pick up your mail and cash your cheques for you to purchase your supplies.
  7. Q. Can I shop at the gas station with my pass?
    A. A person with a Yellow Pass can shop for tobacco only and can only be in the gas station store for less than 15 minutes.
  8. Q. Can someone give me a ride to shop?
    A. Only authorized drivers who have the necessary PPE or safety equipment in their vehicles. Rides will only be provided for those people who live further from the store like Dog Point, R.C. Point, Little R.C. Point and Messier Point.
  9. Q. What are the hours for Three Rivers Store?
    A. Three Rivers Store will be open from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm on December 21st and from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm on December 22nd, 23rd and 24th.
  10. Q. What are the hours for the Gas Station?
    A. The Gas Station will be open for gas for Essential Workers only from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and tobacco can be purchased from the store if a person has a Yellow Pass during those hours.
  11. Q. How do I pay my bills?
    A. The head of the household who has a Yellow Pass and a consent form signed by you will be able to pay your bills at the Three Rivers Store.  Most bills can be paid on line if you set up online banking with your bank.
  12. Q. How can I get my old age pension?
    A. The head of the household who has the Yellow pass will also be able to pick up mail for that household.


  1. Q. Who do I call if I have a housing issue?
    A. Rhonda McDonald at 204-484-2422 or 204-307-1178.  Rhonda will be at work from 9:00 to 5:00 daily during the holidays except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.
  2. Q. Who do I call for Water and Sewer?
    A. Please call Greg Tays at 204-679-0481 or Tommy Spence at 204-679-2378.  An on-call list has been developed and posted on the NCN website and announced on the radio.
  3. Q. Will Meetah Building Supplies be open during the lockdown?
    A. Yes, for Housing and Public Works Employees to obtain parts.
  4. Q. What happens if the power goes out?
    A. Manitoba Hydro will be called to send a utility work to fix it and they will be granted a limited entry pass. Also please ensure you have an emergency kit that includes candles, matches, lighters, pails of water, flashlights, batteries, drinking water, portable heater (oil or gas), camping equipment (sleeping bags, camp lanterns, stove lanterns) and non-perishable food and a manual can opener.


  1. Q. How will emergency vehicles and sewer and water trucks get through with the roads barricaded?
    A. All checkpoints have radios and will be able to obtain any required authorizations from the Command Centre.


  1. Q. Do I need a pass to go to the nursing station?
    A. The NCN Command Centre will get a list from the nursing station daily about who has appointments, needs IV, etc.  Each person who has an appointment can go to the checkstop in their area and they will radio the Command Centre to allow the person through.  Each person must go straight to the Nursing Station and then back to their house. All medical appointments are cancelled. Only emergency services will be provided.  Please call the nursing station at 204-484-2013 ahead of time to let them know you are headed there so your trip can be authorized.
  2. Q. Is Medical Transportation (Med-Trans) available 24/7 if I need to get to the Nursing Station?
    A. Yes. The Med-Trans cell number is 204-307-1900 for NCN and 204-307-1902 for Thompson.
  3. Q. Can I still go to my medical appoints at the Nursing Station or in Thompson?
    A. No, they have been canceled until further notice.  But please call the Nurse in Charge to advise you how to proceed.  If approval for a medical appointment is given you will need to follow all conditions that are imposed.
  4. Q. Do I need a pass if I work as a respite worker?
    A. Yes.
  5. Q. Do Homemakers still attend work?
    A. Yes, but they will need a pass.
  6. Q. How will I get my medications?
    A. Vernon Moody will co-ordinate prescriptions from Thompson.