Forest Fire Season Preparedness Update #3

As of July 20th, there are no forest fires of concern for the community of NCN.
The number of forest fires have doubled since Friday, with 108 forest fires in Manitoba. 49 of these fires have been in the Northern Region of Manitoba, with 34 fires still burning.

The closest reported fires are:

  1. Notigi Region: there are a couple of smaller fires – a 2ha fire that is being “monitored” and a 1ha fire that is “being held”.
  2. Leaf Rapids Region: has another 8ha fire. This fire is listed as “out of control”. This fire is separate from the larger fire that started on July 12th, which is now listed as “under control”.
  3. Pisew Falls Region: have a few fires ranging in size. One of the fires is listed as “out of control”, while the others are listed as “under control”.
  4. Snow Lake Region: a 48ha fire started on July 13th and quickly grew to 976ha, and is listed as “out of control”

To date, the bulk of forest fires are in the north and western parts of Manitoba. If you are planning on a trip to Winnipeg or west of NCN, ensure that you bring an “Emergency Go Bag” with you, as your travel plans may be altered, should the forest fires continue moving from west to east.

The EMO Team meet on a regular basis to ensure that our community is ready to respond, should we need to evacuate. Under the direction of Wayne Spence, EMO Coordinator, the EMO Team is comprised of representatives from Chief and Council, RCMP, EMS, Fire, Business Managers,

Band Management, NNCEA Management.

Attention NCN Citizens!

Prepare for Wildlife and Forest Fire Season.

Keep up to date by listening to FM98.1 OR checking the website AND the NCN Facebook page.

This public service announcement is intended to provide opportunities to increase fire evacuation awareness. Please review the following measures you can do to make the process run smoothly:

Start with your homes: If you live in NCN, have an emergency “go” bag ready. Keep to the basics like: medications (in original packaging; important documents, like photo ID; cash; personal hygiene items; cell phone charger; change of clothing and footwear; toilet paper; sleeping bag or warm blanket; traditional medicines; portable ceremonial items.)

Ensure that all members of your household are accounted for: Where your children are sleeping out; that any visitors to the community have signed the visitors registration form at the check stop; that you and your family are up to date on any posted ALERTS, WARNINGS, or ANNOUNCEMENTS.

If you commute: ensure that you have an “emergency go” bag in the car in case you are not able to return to Thompson immediately due to work assignments to assist with the evacuation, or due to road closures.

All pets should be registered with the designated pet form provided at the Justice and Public Safety. If you choose to leave the community with your pet, have the proper transportation equipment i.e. kennel, collar, leash, food/water dish and vaccination documents in your vehicle.

When an evacuation order is issued, the school siren will sound three consecutive times. Citizens are required to register with the EMO team at the Gilbert McDonald Arena command before leaving the community.

Always ensure that your personal vehicles are fueled up.