Read the Fall 2016 Newsletter that updates the NCN Community Store and Mystery Lake Motor Hotel Land Designation process.

NCN Community Store

Referendum Vote Needed for NCN Store Land Designation

As you know, Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Three Rivers Store is set to open. The locally owned and operated businesses will generate jobs and additional needed funding for our First Nation. We have made an important step which is the creation of Store Corporation. The community store, owned entirely by NCN, will provide goods and employment for NCN Citizens. The revenue that NCN will receive from the store, and other future businesses, will support programs and services for everyone. Read the Newsletter for the complete story.

Mystery Lake Motor Hotel

Urban Reserve Land Requires Land Designation Vote

As you know, Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation bought the Mystery Lake Hotel and the land on which it sits in 1998, with consent from NCN members, as part of our economic development initiative. NCN then asked to have the hotel land in Thompson converted to a Reserve under Canada’s Additions to Reserves Policy, in order to have more control over its processes, operations and revenues. This process was completed on July 13, 2016.

However, when the land became a Reserve, it became federal land and its relationship with the City of Thompson changed. Part of that change included NCN signing a Municipal Services Agreement with the City of Thompson. Thompson will continue to provide municipal services and NCN will now pay fees to the City to receive these services, instead of taxes. Read the Newsletter for the complete story.