Deadline: Thursday, June 15, 2023
Start Date: ASAP
Salary Range: NEGOTIABLE
Ref #: NCN-2023-06-01-001


ATEC is looking for an Assistant Executive Director is a professional who supports the director in overseeing the operations and assist in developing and implementing ATEC’s goals & vision


  • Assistant Director will collaborate with the director to coordinate daily activities, ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies, and monitor the achievement of objectives.
  • Will make decisions in the best interest of the organization.
  • Will have experience in performance and operations management.
  • Assistant Director will demonstrate excellent organizational and leadership skills.
  • Assistant Director will be proficiently use MS Office and relational databases, and possess strong communication and problem-solving abilities.
  • Assistant Director is responsible for overseeing the Accounting Department to ensure that the financial controls are in place.
  • Assistant Director will undertake staffing responsibilities, assist in budgeting and expense monitoring, and maintain event scheduling.
  • Create reports, represent the company as needed, and fulfill duties assigned by the director.
  • Plays a crucial role in supporting the director and facilitating the smooth functioning of the organization.
  • Undertake staffing responsibilities (hiring, training, evaluating etc.)
  • Assist in proposal writing to ensure that funding needs are met.
  • Work in collaboration with partners, governments in support of ATEC goals and mission.
  • Responsible for evaluating the performance of personnel in the Accounting Department such as recommending training requirements; the duty to keep Finance staff the highest level of skill necessary to meet the company needs and objectives, recommend that personnel hired or removed from the departments
  • Oversee and supervise the administrative functions of the organization including reception, property/facility management, safety of the work environment and provisions of furnishings and equipment necessary for effective operations
  • All other duties as assigned by the Executive Director of ATEC Centre of Excellence.


  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent Time Management skills
  • Team player
  • Critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills.
  • Sense of ownership and pride in performance and its impact on ATEC’s success
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Experience as an Assistant Director or similar role
  • Ability to oversee several departments.
  • Familiar with Training and Employment Initiatives
  • Bachelor’s degree BCom/BA in Business Administration or related field

If you are interested, please forward your cover letter, Criminal Records Check and resume to:
Nora Thomas, Human Resource Administrator
Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
Phone: (204) 484-2604
Cell: (204) 307-1178
Fax: (204) 484-2588
Email: [email protected]