NCN, We Need Your Creativity!

The Lands, Environment and Resources department is having two separate creative contests.

  • The first contest is the Land Use Planning LOGO contest.
  • The second contest is a Land Use Planning PHOTO contest.
  • Both are for the main reserve IR 170.

Logo Contest

  • The winner for the Land Use Planning Logo Contest will win a prize payout of $1000 dollars.
  • Entries can be hand drawn and colored or created on a computer.

Photo Contest

  • For the Land Use Planning Photo Contest send your pic to (204) 670-5234
  • There will be Five winners for $100 each.
  • Award will be a VISA card.

You will have until January 15th, 2021 to submit your Logos and Photos at the Lands and Resources office.

We would love to see your ideas! If you have any questions call:
Mark Linklater at (204)-670-5234

The Community Land Use Plan (CLUP) is for the community reserve lands IR 170. It is our goal to map out the zoning of all land parcels on IR 170 to help implement the Nisichawayasi Aski Pumenikewin (Land Code).

The CLUP will help us protect our lands and resources, create a better business environment, plan for future generations, improve decision making and coordinate our planning activities so that we can achieve the community-identified goals of our Strategic Plan.