Title: Knowledge Keeper (Elders)

Organization: Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc. (NNCEA)

Department: Nihitho Language and Culture Unit (NLCU)

Reporting to: Wm. Elvis Thomas, Director of Nihitho Language and Culture Unit (NLCU)

Our Knowledge Keepers take on many roles. As needed they may adopt the role of surrogate grandmother or grandfather and be available at school to counsel students, teachers and staff for mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health needs from a holistic Indigenous perspective. Also at the schools, when called upon, they may also act as local historians and/or instructors of traditional craft.

Knowledge Keepers have a great deal of life experiences and immense knowledge with specific expertise in the asiniska nihitho language, Culture and traditions that they wish to share with the younger generations.

The Opportunity:

We are looking for four (4) Knowledge Keepers (Elders) who enjoy and know how to work with a variety of people who are variously teaching, learning, or working with the asiniska ithiniwak (Rocky Cree) Language, Culture, traditions, our nihitho Nation’s History, and our various land-based practices. The aim of this work is to promote and inspire everyone’s learning of the asiniska nihitho ithiniwak (Rocky Cree) language and culture and the unique “ways of life” and history of our community.


Honorarium provided on a Bi-weekly basis.


  • Provides a proactive, holistic approach and an asiniska nihitho ithiniwak perspective for students as they work on their lessons and classroom assignments and projects.
  • Shares asiniska nihitho ithiniwak teachings to students about traditional knowledge in relation to education and learning.
  • Supports the teachers and staff to provide asiniska nihitho ithiniwak perspective and grounding.
  • Supports asiniska nihitho ithiniwak language and cultural program development through methods such as contributing to development and training curriculum and delivering course content.
  • Attends a variety of meetings to provide an asiniska nihitho ithiniwak perspective and/or offering ceremonial practices as requested.
  • Performs other related expectations as assigned.


  • Understanding and knowledge of asiniska nihitho ithiniwak education issues, protocols including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the students, staff, and community.
  • Demonstrated significant wisdom and knowledge in areas of traditional/ asiniska nihitho ithiniwak education as recognized by students, staff, teachers, parents and the community.
  • Demonstrated capacity to share wisdom and knowledge with students, staff, teachers, parents and the community.

Skills And Abilities

  • Ability to promote, educate and learn with others.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to listen and the desire to foster the education, understanding, and well-being of others.
  • Willing to engage in positive working relationships with community partners.
  • Ability to perform the duties of the position.
  • Must have knowledge of the asiniska nihitho ithiniwak language and culture.
  • Must have knowledge pertaining to the land and surrounding environment.
  • Must know names of animals, birds, fish and medicinal plants in asiniska ithiniwak nihithowiwin.
  • Must know the seasons and the months of the asiniska ithiniwak nihithowiwin.
  • Must be aware of safety protocols on land and water.
  • Must know the proper protocols when harvesting medicine and animals.

Application Deadline: 3:00 pm, Wednesday May 25, 2022
Any person who is interested in becoming a Knowledge Keeper/Elder must submit their name to William Elvis Thomas by calling 204 679 0803 or:

In Person:
Wm. Elvis Thomas
Director of Nihitho Language and Culture Unit (NLCU), Alice Moore Education Centre (AMEC)


Successful applicants must provide satisfactory Criminal/Vulnerable Sector check & Child Abuse Registry Check.