May 30, 1950 – August 9, 2022

The Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation is in mourning today August 9, 2022 over the passing of our esteemed former Councillor D’Arcy Noah Linklater. He passed away this morning at the Health Sciences Centre after battling a chronic illness.
D’Arcy will be sorely missed by his family and our entire community. He served our people for 20 years from 1994–2014. He committed much of his adult life to pursue self-determination, self-governance and Treaty rights for our great Nation.
He was recognized provincially and nationally amongst our peoples as a visionary and courageous leader, a strong advocate for our inherent right to self-government and spoke wholeheartedly of our Nehethow culture and practices. D’Arcy also spoke on behalf of Indigenous peoples and the many issues that we continue to face and deal with. So passionate was he in achieving self determination and Treaty rights for our peoples that he continued to strive for these aspirations long after he was no longer in active service.
D’Arcy was a spiritual mentor to many, shared his knowledge and wisdom without hesitation. He raised and mentored many children both biological and ones in whom he choose and undertook to invest his knowledge and wisdom. He believed that every leader in the community has a responsibility to pour the history and knowledge of this Nation into the next generation, a conviction he personably demonstrated. He will forever be remembered as a strong advocate of our people and protector of our lands and cultural ways. Our flags are flying at half mast today, our entire Nation is in grief.