Important Message to All NNCEA Parents/Caregivers & NCN Community from NNCEA Director of Education, Wednesday, January 5th, 2022


  1. Tanisi! Happy New Year all!  Unfortunately, the winter season & Covid are back with a vengeance! Covid affects everyone, young and old, differently with mild to severe symptoms.  Long-term ailments & loss of life are real with this virus.  As citizens & parents, each of us need to protect ourselves and our child(ren) from contracting the deadly virus that is spreading like wildfire.


  1. The NNCEA school board had a Zoom meeting with NCN Health officials and others yesterday morning where some important info was shared. Since December 23rd, 2021, Covid has been on the rise everywhere, in Manitoba & at Nisichawayasihk.  What was most alarming to find out is that only 1% of our NCN students, ages 5-11, eligible to get a vaccine against covid have been vaccinated. This is a serious, sad situation that parents can change by simply getting your child(ren) vaccinated!  It’s readily available & totally free! Contact NCN Public Health for a vaccination asap!


  1. Refusing to get your child(ren)vaccinated puts everyone at risk! NNCEA must keep all its students and staff as safe as possible from Covid.  NNCEA does not want an outbreak at either school.             


  1. The NCN Health Team has done its best to encourage parent participation in the vaccine campaign. Many Elders, adults, young adults and teenagers are already vaccinated. This reduces getting too sick from the virus and makes is safer for all.   The NNCEA School Board is in support of the Health Teams’ efforts and wants to assist the Health Team in this matter so things don’t get out of control.


  1. As a result of yesterday’s meeting, the following Motion #2022-01-04-01 was passed:


That the NNCEA School Board of Trustees extend the school closures to Monday, January 17th, 2022 so NNCEA staff can better prepare for on-line learning and assist with getting covid consent forms done and assist with the distribution of rapid testing kits for students.


  1. On Jan. 10-11th, NNCEA school staff will go to door to door to get covid vaccination consent forms or permission forms signed so permission can be attained for your child/children to be vaccinated. Newly arrived Rapid testing kits for students will be dropped off too.  Parents need to do the testing for five days in a row.  If results are positive, parents will have to isolate & get their child(ren) tested and child(ren) will have to remain home until medically cleared.


  1. On-line learning will be offered for January 12-14th, 2022 for all grades.


  1. School will NOT re-open or commence for N-gr 12 students until January 17th, 2022 at the regular time. Once it resumes, it may or may not be in-class, in-person.  Alternate dates or on-line learning may have to be imposed.  This will be determined & relayed by Fri., Jan. 7thm.


  1. During this bout of covid, NNCEA thanks you for your anticipated cooperation & understanding in keeping our children, schools and community! Kinanskomitan!