Footsteps to Learning at Home for April 13th – June 23rd, 2020 for NNCEA

as of April 9th, 2020

On March 31st, 2020 regular classroom instruction in Manitoba was suspended indefinitely by the Manitoba Premier due to the coronavirus epidemic. Manitoba schools are to provide education services to students. The NNCEA School Board & NCN Chief & Council are aware of & approve of what has to get done.

Digital learning at home ideas & activities will be available for students. Keeping in mind, that the constraints of COVID-19 limits what/how we can do it. Approximately ten weeks of school are left. Manitoba Education has not yet provided any direction on attendance yet, but once known, it will be shared. This is a brand new experience for all! We will get through this together!

School has been out from March 16th, 2020 to April 12th, 2020 already. In the next while, most NNCEA staff will have to work out of their homes & communicate with each other via the technology (telephone, FB, websites, email, etc.). Until further notice, our schools are closed to the public. Staff will have limited access to the school on a rotational schedule with no more than 10 allowed in the school. This poses a challenge as we’ve never operated this way.

All NNCEA employees are due to “return” for April 13th. Due to the current community restrictions, some staff are out of the community & will not be available physically. We will have to manage & work remotely. Some personnel may have to be available but the COVID-19 guidelines apply.

During the week of April 13th-17th, 2020, the teachers/staff will need time to acquaint themselves to this new way of learning (remote learning) & prepare the needed learning at home ideas, activities. Each of the grade group teachers/EA’s will meet via the technology. Once ideas & activities are designed, how it will be organized/delivered will be shared.

NNCEA has to ensure that some form of educational service is provided. This will get done. NNCEA Administration will continue to do their tasks from home or afar. They can be reached on Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:00.

Teachers will work on digital learning at home plans with colleagues via PLCs & the technology, do professional learning, make contact with students/parents on a regular basis, complete year end tasks, etc. Teachers will be available from Monday-Friday from 8:30-12 & 1-3:30 p.m. at a mutually agreed upon time. Teacher Home Work schedules will have to be created and submitted by April 17th, 2020 to their supervisor.

Educational Assistants & Bus Drivers can take direction from their supervisors but re-assignments to assist in the community may occur. Admin. Assistants to be at work to answer the phones & perform their duties. Maintenance & Custodians will have to keep NNCEA facilities in good repair & sanitized. Security will still be available as usual.

By the end of next week, we shall have more insights. For sure, our teachers will come up with the needed learning at home ideas/activities! Staff will be allowed in the school, on a rotational basis, with no more than 10 teachers in a.m. or p.m. A schedule/sign in sheet will be created. Regular hand washing, using elbow/Kleenex to cough/sneeze & physical distancing & other recommended practices in effect.

As we move forward on learning from home ideas/activities, here is some info:

  1. If your child has access OR does not have access to the technology, let the teacher know
  2. Digital ideas/activities plans are the safest, as the COVID-19 virus remains on materials
  3. At OK, work completed does not need to be returned as it is for review/enrichment
  4. At NNOC, work completed guidelines may differ & students/parents will be informed
  5. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) recommends the maximum duration for daily student academic engagement for both digital & non-digital activities is

Pre-K:                      60 minutes                                              Gr. 1-2                     90 minutes

Gr. 3-5                     120 minutes                                           Gr. 6-8                     180 minutes

Gr. 9-12                  270 minutes

                                   NNCEA Responsibilities for “Learning at Home” Days

Education Authority Responsibilities through the Director of Education -Chief and Council & the School Board have

delegated the Director to oversee this task

-To ensure that meaningful, accessible learning

at home ideas/activities are developed for student use

-To support the schools in creating &

implementing the learning at home ideas/activities

-To provide the needed guidance, learning &

resources on this new mode of learning

School/Administrator Responsibilities -Implement the learning at home plan process

-Communication with stakeholders

-Supporting the teachers & other staff

-Help families locate needed resources

-if a teacher is absent, another one will have to

be assigned to ensure that the students have

their info

-To proofread/sign all report cards

-To ensure all materials required are available

-To manage the elementary school system as best as


Teacher Responsibilities -To design grade specific work that can be done

independently with your PLC

-Learning ideas/activities are to focus on

literacy, numeracy, phys. ed, Cree, wellness,

art, science &/or Soc. Studies, for a 2 week


-Teachers to provide/make available the

ideas/activities for respective grade for April

20th-June 23rd

-Teachers to ensure students get a learning at

home via the technology

Learning at home materials are to be created

for every student on your class list

Resource teachers can assist teachers with

making the needed adaptations &


-Keep ideas/activities fun, challenging,

interesting, productive, culturally appropriate

-Let students/parents know when to contact you

-Contact as many students & parents as possible on a

regular basis

-Student self-assessment & feedback from parents on

their child’s learning should be reflected in their

report card

-Seek school/community supports if needed

-To utilize assigned Ed. Asst. effectively

-To participate in online professional learning

-To do all year end tasks (attendance registers,

report cards, etc.)

Support Staff Responsibilities -to perform their assignments to the best of

their ability

-to assist the administration & fellow

colleagues/teachers as much as possible

-a willingness to be re-assigned in the

community if the need arises

Parent/Caregiver Responsibilities -You are your child’s first teacher & perfectly

able to oversee your child’s learning! If you

need some reassurance, talk to the teacher

-Attain teacher phone number, email or FB info

but contact at a reasonable time

-Ensure learning at home ideas/activities are

rec’d from the teacher & gets completed

-Create a quiet, work space where school work

can get done each day

-stick to a school day routine, if possible (wake

up early, wash up, eat, get dressed, have

lunch/supper, do chores, etc.)

-Make a daily learning schedule/routine as

much as possible

-the completion of 2-4 hours of teacher-created

ideas/activities is plenty

-Before supper, check your child’s work to

ensure completion & reflect on the learning

-Student self-assessment and feedback

provided on your child’s learning will be

reflected in their report card

-Seek school/community supports if needed

Student Responsibilities -stay healthy & keep learning a priority

-get ready for school even though you’re at home

-talk to your parent(s) or contact your teacher

if assistance is needed

-remove all distractions (visitors, TV, cell phone,

music, etc.) from your work space

-do all the required ideas/activities suggested

by the teacher

-keep a school work log so you can share it with

your parents/teacher

-learn as much as you can by reading, self-

discovery, on the internet, etc.

-student self-assessment & learning done at

home will be reflected in year-end report card