FNSOs (First Nations Safety Officers) are diligently working to keep our NCN Community safe. However, recent incidents have prompted us to remind community members about the dangers associated with purchasing alcohol from unauthorized sources.
We urge everyone to refrain from buying liquor from individuals or businesses without a valid liquor license. Unfortunately, two individuals from Nelson House have recently been hospitalized due to alcohol-related illnesses caused by improper transportation of alcohol in beach containers. The bleach containers were not cleaned properly and bleach was found in the alcohol distributed to our community.
It’s crucial to remember that it is illegal to resell alcohol without a liquor license. Our FNSOs are committed to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of our nation.
Let’s all do our part in keeping our community safe by adhering to the legal and safe channels when purchasing alcohol. Together, we can prevent further incidents and promote a healthier, safer community for everyone.