Due to the current lock down in NCN, the NCN Distribution Centre is open to accept parcels to be delivered from Thompson to NCN – phone number: 204-307-0080 – address (former liquor store)

Hours of operation

Saturday and Sunday, 8th -9th May 2021 only from 9am – 4 pm daily

Thereafter Monday – Friday, 9am – 4 pm daily

There will be two trips daily from Thompson to NCN, departing Thompson at: 1:00 pm for NCN and 4:00 pm for NCN

Parcels will be accepted until 3:45pm daily, no exceptions

All parcels being shipped require:

Shippers name, address and phone number

Receivers name, address and phone number

No overnight storage of parcels

Due to no cold storage, we are not responsible for perishables

Not responsible for lost or damaged goods

“Curb side” drop off in NCN only

No alcohol, illicit drugs nor fast foods will be transported

All parcels will be searched

The Distribution Centre follows all Public Safety Guidelines for those dropping off parcels, including:

Wearing of mask, hand sanitize when entering Distribution Centre, complete contact tracing, temperature taken

Anyone with flu like symptoms (coughing, sneezing, fevers, etc.) will not be permitted to enter the Distribution

The Centre is a respectful work place providing a necessary service for family, friends and colleagues in NCN.  We ask

everyone dropping off parcels to please be kind and respectful.


The Thompson Family Foods is accepting Purchase Orders and/or Credit Card payments for grocery orders from

NCN citizens. The NCN Distribution Centre will pick up and deliver these grocery orders to NCN citizens for “free”