Rapidly Rising Cases

The active COVID-19 cases in northern Manitoba continue to rise. A number of First Nation communities have been hard hit by the virus. Hospitalizations, ICU rates and deaths throughout the province continue to rise. Gatherings over the Thanksgiving weekend, home based parties, funerals and young people going to bars have driven the numbers up. Our community has remained virus free for 8 months because everyone has been working together.

We Must Overcome Pandemic Fatigue

WE ALL HAVE PANDEMIC FATIGUE. COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives. We know restrictions are frustrating. But for the protection of all of us, we MUST keep following the basic rules:

  • STAY AT HOME – limit contacts to your household;
  • wash hands frequently;
  • wear a mask;
  • maintain physical distance from anyone outside your household;
  • sanitize everything frequently;
  • stay home and isolate from others in your household if you are sick.

Unfortunately, this pandemic will be around for awhile and it is going to get harder before it gets better. Please remember, you can’t live your normal life if you lose the battle with COVID-19 or you end up suffering from the long-term effects of COVID-19.

We are NCN STRONG. So far, with your help we are one of the few communities that has not had a single COVID case. Everyone is to be congratulated for helping us keep the community virus free for 8 months. Let’s keep it that way!

Each of us must be responsible as individuals and make sure our families are also being responsible. Manitoba’s health care system is on the verge of crashing if individual behaviours do not change rapidly. Remember we are not putting in place restrictions to punish people but to try to keep us all safe. Everyone has choices and you have the right to leave if you want to but you do not have the right to come back into the community if you are not prepared to follow the rules as that puts us ALL AT RISK.

Lockdown Extended

Given the increasing number of cases we are extending the partial lockdown until Monday November 16, 2020 when we will review the situation again. The following rules are outlined in the NCN Order in Council that takes effect at 2:00 pm on Friday, October 30, 2020:

  • During this partial community lockdown travel to southern Manitoba is ONLY allowed for confirmed medical appointments, medical treatment or a serious family emergency;
  • If a full community lockdown goes into effect no travel to southern Manitoba will be allowed except for serious medical emergencies;
  • Written authorization is required to enter and exit the community if the Northern Regional Health region has been designated Orange or Red (it is currently Orange);
  • No-one from southern Manitoba, out of province or from a health district that has been designated Orange or Red will be allowed to enter the community while a partial or full lockdown is in effect unless they have been designated as essential workers and have been given a special entry pass;
  • All activities at the Arena, Multi-Plex or School can only take place in accordance with pre-approved plans that include limitations on the number of people, mask wearing and sanitization rules;
  • Gatherings indoors and outdoors are limited to 5 people or 25% of the capacity of the facility which will be posted at the facility and on social media and each facility must be divided up so that each group of 5 is completely separated from any other group;
  • Retail businesses will be able to operate with 50% capacity unless they are ordered to close;
  • Children and youth will not be allowed to participate in tournaments or sporting events outside the community;
  • Schools will remain open unless a full lockdown is in effect – we encourage you to send your children to school as their education and ability to interact safely with other children is critical for their development;
  • The VLTs will remain open with a continuing reduced capacity;
  • Employees from outside the community will only be allowed to attend work in the community if they have a special entry pass but are expected to continue doing their work from home if they cannot enter the community;
  • Persons with valid permits (which can be renewed at the discounted renewal rate of $30.00) can continue to have the allowable limits of alcohol and cannabis delivered to the check stop on WEDNESDAYS ONLY and groceries and all other supplies can delivered to the check stop on TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS ONLY (we are also looking at other options to help you get supplies not available in our local stores);
  • No house parties, family gatherings or visiting private homes is allowed while the Northern Regional Health Region is Orange or Red;
  • Only one person at a time is allowed to obtain supplies or services at a home-based business while the Northern Regional Health Region is Orange or Red;
  • A curfew from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am remains in effect;
  • Patrols will remain in effect for all access roads, trails, rivers and waterways that lead to NCN Lands and searches will continue during patrols and at the check stop;
  • A full lockdown will go into effect if there is a confirmed case in the community; and
  • Fines can be issued for breach of this OIC and Provincial Public Health Orders.


This is the key to bringing down the numbers. If you have not had your flu shot please get it as soon as possible as we have had seasonal flu in the community already. If you have any cold or flu symptoms arrange to get a COVID test. Do not take chances with your life or the lives of anyone else.

Again, we remind everyone to be respectful to our staff as they continue to work very hard to try to keep our community safe. The searches and screening processes are critical. Decisions are being made to protect the health and safety of all of us. We all need to be committed to defeating COVID-19 not each other. Remember a team effort is needed as we are all in this together.

STAYING HOME and LIMITING CONTACTS with anyone outside your household is the best way to STAY SAFE!