Chief and Council approved an additional OIC late last night to try to make it easier to get critical supplies and mail to you.  This should ease congestion at the store.  Given the frigid temperatures we hope to avoid having people waiting outside in the cold for as long.

Three Rivers Store will be setting up an online ordering system.  Charge accounts will be set up for social assistance recipients who wish to use them for baby supplies.  Each person will have to provide written authorization for our Finance Department to pay the account at the store directly from their first January social assistance payment.  Everyone else can use their online banking to pay for their groceries at the time they are ordered.

Prepaid Parcels will be delivered to a person’s house by FNSO and a consent and release form will be presented for you to sign. All prepaid parcels should have a tracking number and you will be required to provide that on the form.  Anyone ordering alcohol or cannabis must abide by the legal limits and have a permit ready. FNSO will search your product to ensure your within your limits.

Please be patient as we are all doing the best we can to get us all through this difficult situation.  We will provide an update on the COVID case numbers as soon as we have more information.  If you have questions, please call the COMMAND CENTRE at 204-484-2135.

The rules are in place for the health and safety of all of us so please remember to follow all public health measures:  hand washing frequently with soap and water, sanitizing homes and vehicles frequently, maintain proper physical distances from people at all time, and wearing a mask in all public places.

Remember it is very important that you DO NOT SHARE masks, utensils, cigarettes, cannabis or drinks of any kind.  If you have any COVID-19 symptoms get tested.  Get your flu shot as soon as it is available. Also, it is recommended anyone over 65 get a pneumonia shot.

These are the only tools we all have at the moment to keep this deadly virus out of our community so please BE CAREFUL and BE SAFE.  Enjoy the long weekend and unless absolutely necessary really think twice about travelling south.