December 18, 2020




The active cases in Thompson have more than doubled in the past week. Today, outbreaks were declared on the 2nd floor of the Thompson General Hospital as well as at the Project Northern Doorway homeless shelter. Seventeen people in the medical/surgical/pediatric unit have tested positive for COVID-19. We do not have the numbers for the shelter at this time.

Public health immediately restricted access to the hospital and the shelter began self-isolation for everyone there. Contact tracing is underway. At this time five more families in our community are in isolation due to these outbreaks and the increased numbers in Thompson. There may be more identified through contact tracing.

If you were in Thompson for medical appointments or for any other reason this week and were in contact with either of these two places or anyone who was there, please immediately self-isolate at home and contact a member of our public health team or the nursing station to let them know.

OUR PRIORITY IS YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY. We understand people are frustrated by the restrictions we have in place but if we relax them now, everything we have done to keep this deadly virus out of our community for the past 9 months will have been for nothing. All it takes is one person to ignore the rules and we have a disaster on our hands. We are trying our best to keep everyone safe but please do your part. PLEASE REMEMBER NO VISITING ANYONE IN THE COMMUNITY. Given the circumstances this is more important than ever.

As we get more information about the current situation we may need to cancel deliveries and camping during the holidays. If these actions save even one life they are worth it. STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE. We will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.