Please note the following updates from the meetings and work that has been taking at the Public Health department.

  1. Teleconferences: Dr. Lavallee at the Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO) has recommended that all First Nations begin identifying testing sites in the communities. So the NIC and HD have visited and identified the Duncan Wood memorial Hall as a the community’s testing site. This is only a contingency plan as the site may or may not be utilized in the course of the pandemic. However, the site needs to be prepared and disinfected. So kindly make arrangements for the hall to be cleaned and disinfected.
  2. Personal Protective Emergency: training is ongoing with sectors and agencies in the community.
  3. Isolation Units: Isolation units (ATEC) has been prepared and resourced for operation. Supplies available there include a thermometer, disinfectant wipes, masks and hand sanitizer. Communication on quarantined people is being routed from FNSOs to the ED Justice & Public Safety who then notifies the Heath Director when someone has been quarantined.
  4. Quarantine: There is currently one person in self-isolation at the ATEC center. A routine check schedule has been prepared to monitor the individual daily for any symptoms. The same protocol will be applied to any additional people who do go into isolation.
  5. Reducing patient traffic to the Nursing Station: The NIC is requesting that people manage chronic conditions and associated symptoms at home as much as possible and only go to the nursing station with life threatening symptoms. Or symptoms closely resembling those for CIVD 19 (dry cough, difficulty breathing, fever and headaches).
  6. Community demographic data: for potential evacuation preparation is ongoing. While a lockdown is the most probable occurrence with the pandemic, we are taking all potential occurrences into consideration and creating a comprehensive list of all people in the community so that we can keep proper count if for any reason homes or individuals need to be located.