Update on Active Cases

Three new cases were reported today so we currently have 11 active cases, 5 of whom are isolating in the community and 5 out of the community. We also have one person in hospital plus 5 people who have recovered since the first case was confirmed on April 28th. This is a total of 16 cases since then. The person medivaced to Winnipeg a few days ago remains in hospital there. Please pray for our community members and their families.

Everyone must continue to be very, very cautious and limit your contacts. This pandemic is still not over. The ICU’s in Manitoba are so full that patients with COVID were being sent to Thunder Bay today. We will get through this but need to get enough people vaccinated for the restrictions and lockdowns to end.
Even though we still have active cases in the community my Council and I, in consultation with our public health team, are trying to ensure we can have some normalcy in the community while still taking steps to protect the overall health and safety of our citizens. Please continue to help our community stay healthy!

Schools to Re-open Tuesday, May 25th

Chief and Council, in consultation with our School Board, NNCEA senior administration and our health team, have concluded that schools can re-open on Tuesday, May 25th. All parents and guardians are reminded to educate your children and youth about the continuing importance of wearing a good fitting mask at all times, washing their hands frequently throughout the day and that it is not safe to share drinks, food, school supplies, makeup, etc. at this time. We all need to work together to keep our children and youth as safe as possible.

Isolation Critical

Children and adults must continue to isolate if you have been told to do so by our public health team. This remains critical for the safety of all of us and is the only way to prevent further spreading of COVID-19 in our community.

Vaccination Update

Pre-registration is now open for youth ages 12 to 17. We don’t know the exact date the Pfizer vaccine will be arriving in the community but anticipate it will happen shortly. Therefore, please complete a consent form for your youth and call the Wellness Centre at 204-484-2341.

Every person over the age of 18 who has not been vaccinated can also call the Wellness Centre to make arrangements to get vaccinated. Due to the low numbers of people who have attended the Multi-Plex this week, the vaccination clinics for Thursday, May 20th and Friday, May 21st will be held at the Wellness Centre.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has indicated that some restrictions can be lifted once 75% of those Canadians eligible for the vaccine have one dose and 20% have their second dose. We can finally see the light at the end of this tunnel so please do your part and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Some Restrictions Remain in Effect

Due to the number of active cases in our community, the following restrictions remain in effect for now:

  • Two people from each household will be allowed to visit another household but the people in isolation MUST NOT allow anyone to visit them until they have been cleared by public health – but remember the curfew is still in effect from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am
  • All NCN offices will remain closed to the public except for emergencies including the NCN Government Office, Nursing Station, Wellness Centre public health and nursing services, and EMS;
  • ATEC, the Arena and the Wellness Fitness Centre can re-open in accordance with their approved mitigation plans but the VLT Centre, the Beer Vendor, and home confectionaries must remain closed;
  • Three Rivers Store, OT Gas and the Thompson Distribution Centre are open to the public – capacity limits, masking and physical distancing rules all remain in effect;
  • Shopping trips to Thompson will be allowed to continue – they will be limited to 40 vehicles daily, up to two people per household, four per vehicle and prior authorization must be obtained from the Pandemic Response Team;
  • Funerals are limited to 10 immediate family only plus the officiants and choir. Processions will be allowed as long as everyone remains in their vehicles at all times and they must NOT get out at the church – no-one from outside the community will be allowed to attend and the procession will be escorted by the FNSOs;
  • Hunting, overnight camping and harvesting will be allowed with prior approval from the Pandemic Response Team;
  • Commuters will be allowed into the community with authorization from the Pandemic Response Team
  • All trips into or out of the community for medical appointments, and medical emergencies must be approved by the Nurse in Charge;
  • Any person who goes to Winnipeg for any reason will be required to isolate for 14 days upon their return to the community – all other persons who leave the community and stay overnight anywhere else will be required to isolate at their residence pending review by the public health team;
  • All requests from persons who previously signed themselves out of the community and wish to return to the community can now apply to the Pandemic Response Team for re-admittance.

Even though we still have active cases, we encourage everyone to go for walks within their household bubble.

Enjoy the outdoors (weather permitting). Be safe – stay well.