UK variant now in the community

We now have 9 confirmed cases including a child with the B.1.17 (UK) variant. This variant is up to 70% more transmissible. It may result in more severe illness and a higher risk of death. It spreads more easily and is hitting younger age groups harder than the original COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, these variants are hitting us at a time when we are experiencing pandemic fatigue and we all want to bend the rules. We can’t do that as we need to stop the spread.

Stay at Home Order Extended

Given this new information, we regret to announce that the current STAY AT HOME Order is being extended to Friday, May 14th at 6:00 pm so our public health team can finish testing, contact tracing and obtain the results of the tests done to date.

Violations of Stay at Home/Isolation Requirements

Everyone told to isolate must isolate and anyone who is not an essential worker must stay home. It has come to our attention that some people required to isolate have been letting their children leave the house and mingle with other children. We are putting everyone on notice that anyone who violates the STAY AT HOME ORDER or LEAVES ISOLATION WHEN THEY ARE REQUIRED TO ISOLATE will face fines, eviction, banishment and CFS will be contacted if a child is involved. NO-ONE DESERVES TO GET SICK BECAUSE OF IRRESPONSIBLE, SELFISH BEHAVIOUR BY OTHERS.

Essential Workers and Supplies

To be clear, EVERYONE must remain at home except for those people the Pandemic Response Team designates as essential workers. Staff will be reassigned to help get essential supplies delivered. Purchase order advances will be granted for employees and SA clients to purchase groceries from Three Rivers Store (204-484-2896) or Thompson Family Foods (phone #: 204-778-5420; fax: 204-778-5491; email: [email protected]). If you need someone to shop for you in Thompson, call the Distribution Centre at 204-307-0080 to make arrangements.

OT Gas and Three Rivers Store

OT Gas and Three Rivers Store are closed to the public from Wednesday, May 12th to Friday May 14th. They will re-open on Saturday May 15th.

Get Tested if Any Symptoms

In the meantime, if you have ANY flu or cold like symptoms, call public health and get tested immediately – DO NOT WAIT even if your symptoms are mild.

Medical Emergencies

For any medical emergencies, please contact the Nursing Station at 204-484-2341 and then contact Mervin Linklater at 204-679-0141 for transportation after hours.

Other Assistance

If any other assistance is required, call the Pandemic Response Command Centre at 204-307-0237.

Vaccination Clinics

Vaccinations will continue at the Multi-Plex this week but call 204-484-2585 for a ride.

Public Health Measures

Follow all other public health measures – limit contacts, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently.

Co-operation Needed

If we all co-operate we can get through this pandemic without more people getting sick.