December 19, 2020




In accordance with paragraph 32 of OIC-313-2020-21 a FULL LOCKDOWN is in effect immediately as we have a positive COVID-19 case in our community. Strict protocols were followed earlier in the week so hopefully we can contain this outbreak as the people involved have already been in isolation for the past 5 days. Our public health team will start conducting full contact tracing today. They will contact you if you are considered a close contact. Please give them your utmost co-operation.

Effective immediately the following rules are in effect:

  • • Everyone must STAY AT HOME in their own houses/yards;
  • • Only employees at the Nursing Station, Wellness Centre public health and nursing services, EMS, Three Rivers Store are allowed to attend work;
  • • All other NCN buildings will remain closed;
  • • All deliveries to the check stop will be cancelled after today until further notice;
  • • No camping or outdoor recreational activities will be allowed until further notice.

OUR PRIORITY IS YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY. Despite our best efforts, the virus got into the community because the rules we put in place for everyone’s safety were not strictly followed. We now must ALL rapidly work together to contain the virus. Everyone of us must be responsible as we are facing a life and death situation with this virus.

PLEASE REMEMBER NO VISITING ANYONE. With an active case in the community it is absolutely essential that everyone follow the rules so we can beat this before it spreads further. We will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.