Christmas is only a week away. For many of us this usually means getting together with family and friends in the community and from elsewhere. This year will be different. All over the world public health restrictions are in place that limit contacts to our own households. The number of active COVID-19 cases in Manitoba and among First Nations people remain very high.

FOLLOWING ALL THE RULES AND LOOKING AFTER EACH OTHER IS THE BEST GIFT WE CAN GIVE EACH OTHER THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. This means we must continue limiting our contacts, wearing masks, washing our hands frequently, keeping our houses clean, staying home and isolating if sick.

This holiday season we need to celebrate with our own immediate families only. We know this will be a very different Christmas but we can all focus on the positives in our lives and still have fun while following the public health rules. If you are feeling lonely, stressed or are experiencing anxiety during the holidays please do not hesitate to call our Counselling Service Department at 204-484-2341 during the day or 1-413-354-1270 after hours.

Holiday Delivery Schedule

  • Friday December 18th OR Saturday December 19th from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm – alcohol and/or cannabis within the legal limits allowed by permit under the Community Protection Law;
  • Monday December 21st and Wednesday December 23rd from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm – Groceries and Supplies;
  • Tuesday December 22nd and Tuesday December 29th from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm – Alcohol and Cannabis within the legal limits allowed by permit under the Community Protection Law;
  • Monday December 28th and Wednesday December 30th – Groceries and Supplies.

All purchases must be pre-paid before delivery to the checkstop. If we end up with a positive COVID case in the community, all deliveries to the check stop will be cancelled immediately as we will then be going into a FULL LOCKDOWN. Please ensure you have enough supplies to last for a few days in case we have to go into full lockdown.

New Delivery Procedures

  • The Duncan Wood Memorial Hall will be designated as the delivery distribution centre on these days;
  • All products delivered to the checkstop will be transported by FNSOs or other designated persons from the checkstop to Duncan Wood Memorial Hall;
  • Every package must have labels on them indicating who the package is to be delivered to and who it is from (just like mailing a package);
  • Deliveries can be picked up at Duncan Wood Memorial Hall;
  • Upon arrival at the parking lot, a person will be signed in, given a number, the time they signed in will be recorded and they will be required to wait in their vehicle until their number is called;
  • Once a person’s number is called, in most instances they will be required to back up to the single point of entry and their packages will be placed in the back of their vehicle using a contactless process unless the FNSOs determine another delivery option is better;
  • Masks are required;
  • Physical distancing and sanitization rules will be in effect;
  • Neither the NCN Government or the Justice Department are responsible for lost or stolen items, tampering of packages or wear and tear from moving boxes from one vehicle to another – each person must bring their own pen with them to sign an Acknowledgement and Waiver indicating they accept the package under these conditions.

Beer Vendor

  • The new vendor will be open next week and will remain open during the holidays except on Christmas and New Years Day. No cash exchanges will be allowed.
    Outdoor Recreational Activities
  • Your own household can participate in outdoor activities such as ice fishing, snowshoeing, skiing, street or ice hockey, walking, or hiking.

Family Ice Fishing

  • Family members from the same household are allowed in each ice shack;
  • Ice shacks must be placed at least 20 feet apart so they are not in the same general proximity of another ice shack;
  • All persons participating must wear masks and have no contact with another family group;

Spiritual/Religious Practices

  • Sweat lodge Ceremonies can take place with the Officiant and 5 family members from your own household;
  • Church Services can take place over social media or the NCN radio, e.g. Christmas Eve.
  • Wakes and Funerals can take place with only the Officiant and 5 family members from a household attending at a time with sanitization between groups of five.
  • Only persons who live in the community will be allowed to attend sweat lodge ceremonies, wakes and funerals.


  • Applications must be made to the Justice and Public Safety department for members of your own household ONLY to go to your own camp;
  • Decisions made by the Justice and Public Safety department in consultation with the NCN Public Health team will be final and binding on all applicants – NO APPEALS TO CHIEF AND COUNCIL WILL BE ALLOWED;
  • If anyone decides to leave even if their application is denied they will not be allowed to re-enter the community until the RED zone designation is lifted;
  • No camping at the camps along the highway is allowed except for the people who ordinarily live at those sites;
  • Mitigation plans and winter safety measures must be provided with the application submitted to the Justice and Public Safety Department; and
  • No alcohol or drug deliveries are allowed to your camp but you can take alcohol or cannabis previously purchased and delivered in accordance with your Community Protection Law permit with you to camp.

Additional Rules Remain in Place

  • Only persons living in a household are allowed to gather together unless a person from outside the household is providing child care, elder care or other health and social services to a member of the household;
  • ATEC, Schools, Arena, Multi-plex and the VLT Centre will remain closed;
  • Beer Vendor will remain open 7 days a week except for Christmas and New Years Day;
  • Three Rivers Store and the OT gas station will remain open at 25% capacity;
  • Vehicles, ski-doos or other equipment can be delivered over the holidays on the same days as groceries and they may be held for 48 hours to allow for searches depending how busy it is at the checkstop;
  • Travel authorizations will only be allowed for serious medical reasons verified by the Nurse in Charge or designate;
  • No travel to southern Manitoba or out of province will be allowed except for serious medical emergencies verified by the Nurse in Charge;
  • Only nurses or other public health workers will be granted special entry passes to enter the community during the holidays;
  • No employees from outside the community will be allowed to attend work in the community unless they are nurses or other public health workers;
  • No house parties, poker games, family gatherings or visiting private homes is allowed;
  • Only one person at a time is allowed to obtain supplies or services at a home-based business (confectionary) and they must close no later than 10:00 pm;
  • A curfew from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am remains in effect for all children and youth;
  • Snowmobiles and ATVs cannot be operated in the community between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am;
  • Patrols will remain in effect for all access roads, trails, rivers and waterways that lead to NCN Lands and searches will continue during patrols and at the check stop;
  • A strict STAY AT HOME ORDER will go into effect if there is a confirmed case;
  • Fines of $500 can be issued for breach of the OIC and in addition, under Provincial Public Health Orders fines are $298 for failure to wear a mask; $1296 for failure to abide by the other restrictions; and $5,000 for a business including home-based businesses (confectionaries).

Again, we remind everyone to be respectful to our staff as they continue to work very hard to try to keep our community safe. The searches and screening processes are critical.