The numbers in Thompson and other communities around us have been rising steadily for weeks. We know the impact on First Nations peoples is worse than on the general population. We have been making URGENT appeals to everyone to limit your contacts and only leave home for very essential reasons – groceries and other supplies and urgent medical appointments. We have urged everyone to go straight to your appointment, and then come straight home. We have said repeatedly that if you go to an appointment, avoid contact with anyone who has not been part of the lockdown in our community.

Unfortunately, I have to advise you that we currently have a situation in our community where a community member was exposed to a positive COVID-19 case while in Thompson. I want to reassure everyone all precautionary measures have been implemented, including self isolation of the contact and out of an abundance of caution all household contacts have also been advised to self isolate. Testing has been arranged only for the contact at this time, if the test comes back as positive then all the contacts will be required to be tested and monitored for an additional 14 days.

Our Public Health staff will monitor this situation on a daily basis over the next 14 days. We remind everyone that in accordance with our OIC no visiting is allowed. All of us must only interact with people who ordinarily live with us. We must stay at home and only go out for essential supplies or urgent medical reasons.

I cannot stress enough how critical this is as if the test returns positive COVID-19 will spread like wildfire through our community like it has in other First Nation communities. All of us need to pray hard that this situation will resolve with none of us getting sick or dying.

This is not a game. It is life and death. Every risk an individual takes puts all of us at risk as we can see from the current situation facing us. We do not want anyone stigmatized but we have been saying for 9 months we have to be careful at all times. The vaccine will be coming sometime next year but in the meantime every one of us MUST be vigilant AT ALL TIMES.

We have to assume that anyone we come in contact with could be carrying the virus so wear your mask, keep your distance and limit contacts with everyone. COVID-19 would just love to attend your holiday celebrations and infect you and your family. Please do not let that happen.

We will provide updates about this urgent situation facing our community as soon as we have more relevant information to share. In the meantime, try to stay home and do not post negative information on social media. Only have one person go for supplies and sanitize hands and everything else frequently. If you have been in contact with anyone you think may have had COVID or who may have been in touch with someone who had or has it, please call the nursing station or the numbers at the bottom of this Bulletin right away. Do not wait as it is the only way we can try to stop the virus from spreading if COVID-19 has made its way here.

Let’s hope and pray we can maintain our COVID-free status until the vaccine is available. As we manage this current situation, please remember we all have a responsibility to look after each other. The only way the virus will be stopped is if we stop it by following the public health measures – particularly limiting contacts to only those who live in our households. We can celebrate Christmas with extended family and friends next year. Unfortunately, this year it is just not safe to do so.


COVID-19 related phone numbers are: