Active Case Numbers Rising

There are now over 1500 active cases in Manitoba. While most of the cases are in Winnipeg, there are 24 active cases in northern Manitoba and a number of First Nation communities have cases. Today the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs also announced the first death of a First Nations person from COVID-19.

YWCA Thompson Designated RED/CRITICAL

The YWCA in Thompson has been designated as RED or critical under the Province’s pandemic response system. The Northern Regional Health Authority is completing an investigation into the cases at the YWCA and a nurse will contact you if you need to isolate. If any of our Citizens stayed at the YWCA between October 4 and 14, 2020 or was in contact with someone who stayed at the YWCA, they are requested to self-monitor for symptoms.   Everyone is reminded to contact the nursing station or a member of our health team if you develop any cold or flu like symptoms. They will determine if you should be tested for COVID-19.

Partial Lockdown Extended

As the number of cases in northern Manitoba continues to rise we have decided to extend the partial lockdown in our community for another week. Travel to southern Manitoba for major family emergencies, medical appointments or treatment that have arranged or confirmed by the Nurse in Charge at the Nursing Station will be allowed for the time being.

Partial Lockdown Rules

In addition to the partial lockdown rules that have been in place for the past week, we have decided to allow deliveries of food, medications and critical supplies to the check stop during the partial lockdown. The following rules will apply in relation to deliveries:

  • food, medications or other critical supplies with the exception of fast foods, can be delivered to the check-stop for pick-up by a person ordinarily resident on NCN Lands;
  • supplies may be searched at the check-stop and the person who ordered the supplies must be co-operative during the pick-up and search;
  • a person with a valid permit issued in accordance with the Nisichawayasi Community Protection Law, 2019, c. C-1 and regulations and who has no outstanding fines or community service obligations, can have the allowable limits of alcohol and/or cannabis delivered to the check-stop;
  • anyone who is found in possession of illegal drugs or more than their allowable limit of alcohol or cannabis will have those products and their supplies confiscated;
  • all supplies must be picked up at the check-stop by the resident ordering the supplies or by an authorized NCN employee who will deliver the supplies to residents who are unable to travel from their residence to the check-stop;
  • pick-up of deliveries at the check-stop will be allowed Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm; and
  • the cost of deliveries is the responsibility of the residents who order the supplies.

Northern Travel for Funerals/Caregiving

Given the increased cases in northern Manitoba, we have decided that even though persons may be authorized by the Province to enter northern Manitoba to visit health facilities, attend funerals and care for seriously ill persons, we will be continuing to enforce the travel bans in OIC 313-2020-18. This means no-one from southern Manitoba, out of province, an Orange or Red Zone or an area in the north where there are active cases will be allowed to enter NCN.

How We Can Avoid Extending the Lockdown

The key is to limit your contacts as much as possible. Wear your mask and wash your hands frequently. Do not rub your face, particularly your eyes. Please get your flu shot as soon as possible.

PLEASE STAY HOME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. It is currently the best way to STAY SAFE!