At 2:30pm the following was reported that there were no new fires in our resource area, there is no immediate threat to the community.

There are currently three (3) active fires:

  • Leftrook – is under control.
  • Wuskwatim – is contained
  • Burntwood area – is being monitored with no action due to smoke and the location of fire.
  • Suwanee – increase in size to 180 HA and currently being manned. Highway 391 North from NCN junction to Suwanee has reopened.


  • All campers/camps, by provincial order must obtain a travel permit from the Fire Program in Thompson by calling 204 677 6624. Please note that all open fires are prohibited at this times. Once you have obtained a travel permit you must forward your camping plans to the Pandemic Response Team at the NCN Trust Office.
  • For further inquiries regarding campsites please call Gordon Dumas at (204) 679 5319.

The Immediate concern is the smoke that will fluctuate throughout the days and will be most common in the mornings.  If you have a chronic respiratory condition, please contact the Nursing Station at 204 484 2031 for further advisory and treatment.

Curfew for the youth (17 and under) still remains in effect – 11:00pm to 7:00am (Note:  Parents – for the safety of your children, we ask that you assist with the enforcement of curfew)

All community requests for visits will resume and must register the visitors at the check stop.  Any community members leaving the community at their discretion due to smoke conditions must complete a form at the checkstop.

Due to the water reservoir being at max capacity, we are asking that all households in the community to preserve their water ie:  limit on washing, avoid running water, avoid running water sprinklers etc..

There is no evacuation order at this time however, we ask to always be prepared and not to panic.  NCN EMO will continue to meet and update the community members.