October 7 to 10, 2021
Location: Family and Community Wellness Centre

Facilitators will be:

  • Felix & Jackie Walker
  • David & Cheryl Blacksmith
  • Ron & Shelley Cook
  • Gabriel Cook
  • Marilyn Hart
  • James Shuttleworth
  • Micheal Desjarlais

The Coming of Age Ceremonies are intended to provide teachings and guidance by the Knowledge Keepers. We will show how you can embrace and honour your rite of passages and transitions in life.

✶ We will have pipe and sweatlodge ceremonies on a daily basis, please bring your tobacco and cloth for offerings.
✶ Knowledge Keepers, Dream Intepretation and Medical Healers will be available for community members in need of healing.
✶ Chiby ceremony is an individual or family session for those people experiencing grief. Please bring 2 meters of black and white cloth and tobacco.

If you are interested in Coming of Age Ceremonies, please contact Jackie Walker to discuss preparation and brief teachings. The ceremonies consist of:

✶ Wakotowin/Wakomitowin Placenta/Umbilical Cord
✶ Walking Out Ceremony for Toddlers
✶ Youth Teachings
✶ Elder Teachings

To register please contact Jackie Walker at 204 679-2121
For more information, please contact Jackie Walker at 204 679-2121 or Felix Walker at 204-679-0788
For Transportation, please contact Guantia Hartie at 204-679-3142 or Shirlena Tait at 204-484-2341

All participants must be double vaccinated. Proof of vaccination will be required.
Those travelling from out of town are responsible for their own travel and accommodations and required to make a donation to offset the cost of facilitating such an event.

Agenda for the Coming of Age Ceremonies