Support National Addictions Awareness Week NOV. 29-DEC.5, 2020

NCN Chief and Council, along with NADAP during Nisichawayasihk Addiction Awareness Week are challenging NCN Citizens to show their support for those living with addictions. Give up a craving, habit or addictive behaviour for a week such junk food, chocolate, cigarettes, snuff, alcohol, recreational drugs, TV binge watching, video games, cell phone etc.

Join Us:

  • SUNDAY, NOV. 29
    Sacred Fire (Tobacco will be provided for prayer offerings)
    Opening Prayer: Ella
    Candle Light Vigil
    For our family & friends who had died due to substance use disorders
  • MONDAY, NOV. 30
    NAAW Parade @ 3pm
    Poster Contest: Negative Effects of Substance Use Disorders
    Age Categories: Ages: 6-10, Ages: 11-14, Ages: 15-18, Ages: 19-22
    Radio Presentations: Speakers TBA
    Appreciation Day: submit messages of appreciation to our office for individuals that you want to acknowledge. To be announced on the radio. You can also give gifts.
    Snow Sculpture Contest
    Gospel Singing Contest
    Age Categories: Ages: 10-12, Ages: 13-15, Ages: 16-18, Ages: 19 – up
    Bill Board Contest “Theme with picture”
    Success Stories: share your own success story or someone you know who is Alcohol & Drug Free
  • FRIDAY, DEC. 4
    School Presentations: NHML Staff
    Traditional Culture: Make a structure using only natural material such as: branches, leaves, twigs, berries, moss, moose hide, roots, etc.
    Closing Prayer: Ella
    Self Care Night (make a commitment to do something to take care of “YOU”)
    e.g.: Facial, foot care, yoga, healthy dinner, relaxation music, etc)