The federal government has passed the Cannabis Act, which makes cannabis a legal substance in Canada as of Wednesday, October 17, 2018. To ensure every aspect of your cannabis consumption is legal, you must follow Manitoba’s rules and laws. If you travel to another area of Canada, research the laws before you go.

What is Legal Cannabis?

Cannabis or pot, weed, herb, dope, reefer, and marijuana are all names for the buds or flowers of the Cannabis plants, which are now legal to smoke or vapourize in Canada. (Cannabis concentrates and edibles are not yet legal to buy or sell.)

Why is Cannabis Legal?

The federal government created these new laws around the use, sale and possession of cannabis to:

Keep cannabis out of the hands of youth,

Keep profits out of the hands of criminals,

Protect public health and safety by providing access to safe, legal cannabis.

Do’s and Don’ts

In Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, and in Manitoba:

You must be 19 years or older to buy, possess or use cannabis,

✘ You can’t supply cannabis to underage people,

✘ You can’t consume or smoke cannabis in public places (anywhere outside of your home),

✘ You can’t grow cannabis at home or sell from your home,

You can buy only from licensed retailers,

You can carry a maximum of 30 grams,

✘ You can’t carry improperly stored cannabis in or on your vehicle,

✘ You can’t take cannabis across the Canadian border.

Failure to follow these laws can result in fines up to $2,500, and/or jail time of up to 14 years. *There are some exceptions to cannabis laws if you have a medical prescription for cannabis use

In Manitoba, it is illegal to:

✘ Smoke or vape cannabis in public, including streets and sidewalks, parks and beaches (including provincial parks), school grounds, restaurant patios and decks, areas surrounding healthcare facilities, and enclosed public places,

✘ Consume cannabis in or on vehicles (including off-road vehicles),

✘ Grow non-medical cannabis at home,

✘ Provide cannabis to people under 19 years of age,

✘ Transport cannabis improperly in your vehicle,

✘ Take cannabis across the Canadian border, whether you’re leaving or coming into Canada. It does not matter if cannabis is legal in that country,

✘ Buy, possess and use cannabis if you are not 19 years old or older.

If you are underage and found in possession of cannabis, you will be fined hundreds of dollars,

✘ Buy or sell cannabis edibles or concentrates. A person may decide to make their own edible products with legally purchased cannabis.

The province has pre-set cannabis-related fines for all of the above activities. This means you voluntarily pay your fine without having to appear in court. These fines range from $113 to $2,542.

You may receive a jail sentence of up to 14 years for more serious offences, including possession over the limit of 30 grams, providing cannabis to minors and illegal distribution.

Cannabis in the Workplace

Unless your employer has stated otherwise, consider your workplace a public space. This means consuming cannabis at your workplace is illegal.

NCN workplaces enforce a zero-tolerance policy with alcohol, drugs and cannabis. Please note that random drug testing can be performed in all NCN workplaces.

For more information about NCN staff and department policies regarding legalization of cannabis please visit the policies section of this website.

Driving under the influence of cannabis

It is illegal to operate a vehicle (including off-road) after you’ve consumed, smoked or vaped marijuana. Consequences include fines, criminal charges, license suspension, jail time, and death.

Police Checks

RCMP have new policies in place to check for drug-impaired driving. Being in operation of a motor vehicle opens individuals up to the basic testing, however reasonable and probable grounds are required for more extensive testing (i.e. blood, urine testing etc.)

RCMP may perform:

Roadside intoxication tests, including breathalyzer,

Pulse check,

Coordination checks,

Saliva test,

Blood pressure, muscle tone, divided attention tests, eye pupil examination,

Blood and urine samples.

If you plan to consume cannabis in someone else’s home, make plans to get home safely. Have a designated driver, call someone or stay overnight.

Health Risks

Cannabis can create feelings of relaxation and well-being, increased appetite, and paranoia, anxiety and depression. Cannabidiol (CBD) is known for its medicinal qualities to manage pain, inflammation and nausea. It is not intoxicating. Using cannabis with alcohol or other drugs is dangerous. Mixing them can create serious impairment and unpredictable side effects. You are more likely to make bad decisions that can harm you and others.

Cannabis can:

✔ Impair critical thinking and judgment,

✔ Cause feelings of paranoia and anxiety,

✔ Impair your ability to drive,

✔ Affect brain development,

✔ Affect learning ability,

✔ Lead to anxiety and depression,

✔ Be addictive,

✔ Harm your baby (while pregnant and breastfeeding).


In December 2017, NCN entered into a limited partnership agreement with National Access Cannabis (NAC) to open and operate a cannabis store on its Mystery Lake lands in Thompson. It will operate under NAC’s retail brand, Meta Cannabis Supply. This is a valuable opportunity to diversify NCN’s economic development and provide employment opportunities. NCN is committed to bringing safe and responsible retail cannabis to consumers. The goal is to increase safeguards by offering regulated products for medicinal and recreational use that will lessen the power of the black market. Meta Cannabis Supply stores will provide community education, medical support, and treatment. This will provide options for consumers to move away from harmful alternatives such as addictive prescription drugs. NCN and Meta Cannabis Supply have a retail model that follows all the guidelines set forth by the federal and provincial governments to ensure customers that our retail operations provide:

Highest quality,

Safety focused,

Educated staff,

Best customer experience.


If you have further questions or concerns about legally consuming cannabis in Manitoba, search online with “province of Manitoba cannabis laws” or contact:

Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation

Nelson House, Manitoba R0B 1A0

Phone: (204) 484-2332

Email: [email protected]