NOTE: The application deadline for CAP-CIP Funding submissions has been extended to 4:00pm on October 12, 2022. No applications will be accepted after this deadline.

NISICHAWAYASIHK TRUST – Community Approval Process (CAP)
TASKINIGAHP TRUST – Community Involvement Process (CIP)

  • Applications for the use of Nisichawayasihk Trust and Taskinigahp Trust monies for the 2023 calendar year are being accepted.
  • Application forms are available at the NCN Trust Office from Tanice Hart, or on the Trust Office web page or email [email protected] for an e-copy of the funding application.
  • Application submissions will be accepted until 4:00 PM on October 12, 2022. (We will not accept applications after the deadline.)
  • Submit your applications to Kelly Spence at the NCN Trust Office.
  • Funding Application must be a sealed envelope.
  • If you require assistance in filing a funding application, please schedule an appointment with the NCN Trust Office, Trust Coordinator or Records Information Management Coordinator will be pleased to assist you.
  • To obtain more information contact Annette Swanson, Trust Coordinator @ 204-484-2604.