At a Special Council Meeting held on March 19, 2020, Council passed a motion that effective March 20, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.  the transportation of alcohol onto NCN Lands is prohibited until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Community Protection Law Section III, (15) states that:  Chief and Council may by order ban the transportation and consumption of alcohol on NCN Lands or a portion of NCN Lands if it is considered in the public interest to do so.

NCN has taken a number of proactive steps to protect the health and safety of NCN Citizens and those living on NCN Lands to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic on NCN Lands.

Countries, states, cities, counties and other geographic areas have declared states of emergency and limited travel within their boundaries.

Goods and services have been restricted and businesses required to shut down or modify their operations.

Citizens have been advised to practice social distancing, stay at home, and stock up on essential supplies.

Policies to improve food security and reduce domestic violence and other behaviours are important considerations as part of NCN’s pandemic response.

We ask for everyone’s cooperation.  Together we can contain the spread of this COVID-19.