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Wellness Centre Significantly Reduces Children in CFS Care

Since the Nisichawaysihk Cree Nation Family and Community Wellness Centre was transitioned to a new funding model in the fall of 2012, the Centre is continuing to see the results of the shift in delivery approach. The Centre is pleased to report the overall number of NCN Children in Care (CIC) has decreased from 427 in 2013 to 274 in 2015.

“A reduction of 153 children in care over two years is a big positive for our children and community. It proves we are taking steps in the right direction and working to help more families stay together,” explained Felix Walker, CEO of the Centre.

Thompson saw the biggest change to their numbers reducing children in care by 55% from 130 to 59, and this can be attributed to the Weechihitowin Project. The Nelson House office was already practicing the Circle of Care approach and still had a 46% reduction from 167 kids to 90 (77 fewer children in care). The new model provided much needed funding for the prevention and family enhancement programming. Nelson House also made a fundamental shift in its approach to apprehension and thus apprehension numbers have decreased significantly. Brandon reduced the number of children in care by 12% and Winnipeg by 2%.

“We believe it is better for children to remain at home. It is well documented; many children feel the blame and have feelings of guilt when they are the ones removed from the situation. The ultimate goal of the Centre’s programs is to provide services and support for family reunification,” said Felix, recognizing the accomplishments but focusing on the work ahead, “although there were many highlights in this years reports, more work needs to be done to provide the best care possible for children.” Read the Newsletter for the complete story.

Building Momentum for Our First Nation Heading into Next Year


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