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NCN Needs Your Opinion About Playgrounds

The NCN Parks Committee is moving forward with the Family and Community Wellness Centre and the Lands Department to create eight new playgrounds for NCN kids.

Originally, the Committee had planned community meetings to gather Citizen feedback. Of course, those events were cancelled due to COVID-19, but your opinions are still requested!

“We want to hear everyone’s ideas about locations and sizes of playgrounds,” says Councillor Cheyenne Spence. “These spaces are supposed to increase the happiness of our children and our whole community, so we want to know what people are thinking.”

The proposed playgrounds include swings, slides, play structures and benches, created by a company called Playgrounds-R-Us. They are made of quality metal and steel products that are safe and durable, as opposed to the old wooden builds. Each of the playground areas will be landscaped, too.

The Parks Committee intends to have all playgrounds installed this year, but it hopes to include Citizens’ requests and to ensure they are satisfied with locations.

The Lands Department has already assigned areas that are most suitable, including in Little RC, Dog Point, Tamarack, Moore’s Bay, New Area East, RC, Westwood and Hillside, and Bay Road East.

“If you’re worried about extra traffic, or more kids in your area, tell us. You should definitely let us know about your concerns,” says Spence. “If you have thoughts about placement of structures, or other ideas that could make these playgrounds really great, submit them, too!”

A similar playground has already been built at Moore’s Bay by a community group. The same volunteer spirit will be called on to install the new structures, too. Let’s
take pride, NCN!

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