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Chief Moody Concerned Over Violent Incident with Saskatoon Police Service

Upon hearing about the violent incident involving officers of the Saskatoon Police Service and Nisichawayasihk First Nation (NCN) Member Evan Penner on July 4th, Chief Marcel Moody addressed fellow NCN Citizens.

“I am worried about Evan and his wellbeing, and I am alarmed and enraged by this most recent incident of police brutality,” said Moody in a post on the NCN Facebook page. “Indigenous people have faced generations of systemic and personal racism from RCMP and police officers. We hear that current administrations are working to change things, but it is difficult to believe when we hear about these occurrences over and over. It is difficult to trust law enforcement and collaborate with them for a better future.

Moody and NCN Council are hopeful that the Saskatoon incident, which included the NCN Citizen being punched, pepper sprayed and tasered, and was caught on film by a man who lived next door, will lead to a significant overhaul of the RCMP and police systems to create a true culture of serve and protect, not aggravate and assault.

“This incident is proof to me that Canada’s current policing system is broken. So often these violent interactions are the result of addictions, homelessness and utter hopelessness. The victims of excessive police force don’t always need to be subdued, but they do always need to be supported. Rather than escalating to violence, we want to see situations diffused.

This includes everything from improved training in de-escalation and restraint methods to proper third-party channels for reviews and accountability,” Moody says.

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Chief Moody addresses issues of racism and Police brutality and how NCN continues to work with local police and help rally for change to police enforcement measures and training both locally and across Canada.


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Read the June/July 2020 issue of Achimowina