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NCN Heading to the Polls – Electing NCN Chief and Councillors – How do I vote?

In a few weeks, on August 22nd and 23rd, NCN Citizens will go to the polls to vote for Chief and six Council member positions.

There are a total of 3,431 Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Citizens living on and off reserve who are eligible to vote. In 2014, voter turnout was about 47 per cent. Let’s all do our part to raise the number of voters who make their voices heard!

Many people grumble, “Oh, I’m just one person, my one vote doesn’t matter.” But this is not a huge election with millions of people casting ballots. With less than 3,500 eligible voters, these NCN campaigns for Chief and Council are actually won and lost by single votes.

NCN Chief and Council Election Candidates

Candidates for Chief who meet compliance, are qualified to run, and have agreed to allow their name to stand:

  • Marcel Moody
  • Jerry Primrose
  • William Elvis Thomas

There are 26 candidates for Councillor who meet compliance, are qualified to run, and have agreed to allow their name to stand:

  • Russell Bonner
  • Gordon Dumas
  • Carl Francois
  • Carol Kobliski
  • Susan Kobliski
  • Bonnie M. Linklater
  • Darcy B. Linklater Jr.
  • Darcy N. Linklater Sr.
  • Francis D. Linklater
  • Kim Linklater
  • Nina Linklater
  • Shirley Linklater
  • Terry (T-Bone) Linklater
  • Roxanne McDonald
  • Cheryl Moore
  • Willie (Buckoose) Moore
  • Joe Moose
  • Edward (Eddy) Primrose
  • Cheyenne Spence
  • Conrad Spence
  • Jeremiah Spence
  • Ron D. Spence
  • Eddie Vystrcil
  • Inez Vystrcil-Spence
  • Jackie Walker
  • James Warren

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