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Our Lands

Canada's First People - A Spiritual Connection to the Land

As nomadic people, NCN's ancestors developed a spiritual connection and respect for the lands and waters for their life-giving bounty from fishing, hunting, trapping, and the fruits and medicinal plants from the forests.

NCN’s lands are part of the northern boreal forest comprised of tracts of black and white spruce wilderness interspersed with rivers and lakes that have been home to the Cree people long before the arrival of the first Europeans.

In addition to our reserve lands at Nelson House, NCN also has rights across a wide region of Northern Manitoba, which is the Traditional Territority of our ancestors, as well as our Resource Management Area (RMA) that lies within the Traditional Territority. The RMA is 22,975 square kilometres.

NCN is also currently negotitating to secure additional reserve lands as part of  our Treaty Land Entitlement.

Our Lands