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Where Three Rivers Meet
The History of Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation


History & Traditions
Canada's First People - A Spiritual Connection to the Land

The People of NCN have lived in Northern Manitoba from time immemorial.

As nomadic people, our ancestors developed a spiritual connection and respect for the lands and waters for their life-giving bounty from fishing, hunting, trapping, and the fruits and medicinal plants from the forests.

Archaeological data collected by the Manitoba Museum (84KB PDF) show our People had a thriving lifestyle at least 7,000 years ago. We were fishers, hunters, and gatherers from that period, throughout the fur trade era following first contact with Europeans right up until the twentieth century.

Many of these traditional lifestyles have been maintained until present times, although since the first contact with Europeans our people have integrated the changing values and lifestyles of Western Civilization with our own.

Changes and Challenges in the 21th Century

It's only since the 1980s that Nelson House got sewer and water services. By then, we also had all-weather road access to the outside world. Our community also has developing education and wellness activities and facilities. But we need to do much more!

We are a young and quickly growing First Nation. Over 60 percent of our population is between 13 and 30 years of age. We are striving to find ways to ensure the fragile gains we have made over the past few years can move us forward in a positive direction.

We are also working to maintain our traditions, our language, our spiritual beliefs and practices that are fundamental to our identity and our future as a distinct people.




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